4 Free Apps You Should Have On Your Phone (Social Marketer)


App For your social media marketing (SMM)

There are a lot of apps on the internet for social media marketing, but if you are a beginner and need to start from somewhere, you need tools to help you to grow.

1. Canva                                    

Canva can help you to manage your Instagram post and story. Canva gives you access to prebuilt templates. All designs and templates are editable even if you don’t know anything about the design; you can design anything easily without experience. Also, you can give it a scheduled post and not only for Instagram; it will be for all your social media apps; you can manage everything quickly; I highly recommend getting Canva.

Some of the benefits of having Canva on your phone:

  • connect The Canva with your social media
  • write a description and publish it from Canva without leaving the app
  • schedule post from Canva
  • editing design with no experience
  • make a logo for free
  • budget-friendly

The exciting part of Canva is it has an unlimited free plan too, but I suggest you get a premium because of 2 reasons. First, you can have access to anything, and also, second, it is budget-friendly.    

2. Facebook business

The Facebook business page can help you to reach and connect with your customers.

Benefits of having the Facebook business app:

  • Brand awareness
  • Drive traffic
  • Target advertising
  • Generate business leads
  • customer feedback and customer service
  • monitor and improve

So, by having the Facebook business app, you can manage Facebook and Instagram, which makes it essential for social media marketing.    

3. Google Analytics 

If you have any website, even a blog, you should have google analytics on your phone; google is the most significant search engine in the world, so having google analytics is so handy for you; it helps you to grow faster.

Here are the benefits of using Google Analytics:

  1. Monitor your real-time data.
  2. Set your monitor goal.
  3. Optimize your website rank.
  4. Check the main metrics in the reports.
  5. Compare your data intervals and certainly reach.
  6. Find the best data engagement.
  7. You can measure, dimension and segment to build your relationships.

4. Pinterest

Today, Pinterest has more eyes on it. For many reasons, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses. It will help you introduce your blog or business to a new audience. 70% of Pinterest users are women. But this is not why you should have Pinterest on your phone; the most essential part is Pinterest tools. Pinterest has a free keyword research tool and finding new content. It is the best place to get ideas from.   

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