7 Useful Tips on How to Make a Website – (Step by Step)

7 Useful Tips on How to Make a Website - (Step by Step). How to make a website. make website steps by steps. how to build a website.

How To Make a Website Step by Step

Every year more people are interested in making websites for their own reasons. But the question is where to start and what kind of website you want to run. Setting up your own website might be challenging, especially for a beginner. But creating a website is easier than you think.

In this article, I will help you understand how to make a website step by step, learn where to start, and how to do it right.

To make a website, follow this step in the list below.

There Is 7 Step for Creating a website:

  1. Set up a plan that suits your needs and budget.
  2. Get a domain name and URL.
  3. Choose the website builder company.
  4. Build & Design A Website.
  5. Upload your content.
  6. Preview and test your website before publishing.  
  7. Publish your website.
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How to create a website?

1. Set Up a Plan That Suits Your Need and Budget.

Many companies in the world give you benefits and services to make a website, and they all have different prices because of their advantages. This is very important to know what plan works for you. I explain all the programs here, and you can find your right plan based on this.

Nowadays, everyone has a website; even the government has its own website too, there are too many types of websites, but in this article, we want to focus on the most popular website.

2. Get A Domain Name And URL.

Before we make a website, we need to buy a domain for our domain name. Having a domain is the first step, but finding and choosing the right domain is challenging. I have an article about what is domain names and domains; I explained everything about how to select a domain and domain name; if you are coming from my writing, please go ahead and continue this one, but if you are new here, I highly suggest you read my other article first; there are many great tips there that helps you to get knowledge about how to get the right domain.

The domain name is the name of your internet address, the best example of a domain name is thought a big city, and each house or store they have its own address, and this is the way you can find them, so the domain name does the same thing in the world of internet.

There are many different domain types on the internet. Some examples are:

domain parts, how to buy domain, what is domain

The domain name isn’t free, and you should buy a domain name at least yearly; some companies sell domains with benefits.

3. Choose the Website Builder Company.

When you identify your purpose and what you need from a website, choose your website builder; there are many different companies with different plans. In this article, we compare based on the popularity, budget-friendly, user-friendly, and price plan websites.

Here is the list of the website builder companies I do recommend checking out:

Website plan competitor list. How to choose the right website. Where to start for building a website.
Choose your website plan.

I understand you are excited about making a website, and many options exist. Still, I recommend you go with the cheapest plan and learn everything and move on, there are many great options and tools on each of them, but you should understand them before you pay for it.


4. Build & Design A website

After you choose what plan suits you, it’s time to design your website. The good news is that all the top websites I recommend make everything easy and have some ready templates you can choose from without creating anything. However, it still needs some touch and follows some rules to be successful on the internet.

Designing your website is very important. Why? Because people don’t see your content first. They see your design, and when they engage with it, they will read your content. So, you should start to think of design, and there is a link below. I will keep everything and teach you how to make great catchy eye designs.

5. Upload Your Own Content.

Good content is essential because it brings you traffic and helps your website grow; you might need better content, but you can create great content by doing keyword research and checking with other competitors.

How to create quality content?

Finding the right content depends on what you want to do on your website, and it’s okay to check other competitors to see what they did and learn from them. Important Note: “Do Not Copy Other People’s Content,” I recommend you avoid copying anything from other people’s content. Always try to learn from others but never copy. People can sue you if you copy their content, so be careful with that part. Try to find your own journey. Quality content drives more traffic to your website. And your website gets more organic searches.

💡What Website Content Should Include:

  • Texts and titles
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Support
  • Web tools (depending on your website need)
  • Landing pages (depending on your website type)

Test and Title:

If 100 people visit your website, 80% to 85% only read your title, and 20% to 15% read the rest of your article, so the title is your hero; a hero title can tell a short story about what’s going on in this article and what they will get from it. The title is like a good signal where the channel they want, and weak signal, they change the channel and go somewhere else. For example, if you look at a newspaper, the first thing to catch your eye is the newspaper’s title, and then you start reading the rest of it. This is the same thing happening on your website.


Humans need to imagine something if they don’t have any images of what you tell them about, so they might not like it. Let’s start with an example. When I say a chair, your brain can already imagine what the chair looks like, so that can make sense.The power of images can help us understand things around us. So today, if we want to explain anything to people, it would be much better if it came with a picture because later, they can imagine it in their brains. That could be anything in this world.


With today’s technology, people read fewer and more watching videos, so videos to explain your company can increase engagement and make your website more user-friendly.


A Support system can help you to get more engaged with your customers. If you want to make a business website, you should think of customer service so you can support them.

Website tools:

Website tools are tools that can help customers to have a better experience with your website. Try to make everything simple and easy for customers.

Examples of website tools are:

  • Search bar
  • Filter Search
  • Add to cart button (For business & E-Commerce)
  • Category

These simple tools give a good experience when a customer visits your website.

Landing Page:

In Digital Marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Landing pages are designed to fuse to your goal, a landing page where you want your customer to go, and a landing page known as a Call to Action (CTA). So having a landing page or CTA based on your website needs is why you make a website. If you advertise without a landing page, customers get confused about where to go, and you waste your money.

6. Preview and Test Your Website Before Publishing.

Some people ignore this part, which is one of the crucial steps for me; before you publish your website, you must check and test your own website.

💡Here is why you must test your website before publishing:

  • Check User Experience (see everything from the customer’s eyes)
  • make sure there are no mistakes in your text.
  • Check your design and make sure it matches your content.
  • Make certain all of the links work fine.
  • Make sure all of the photos are relevant.
  • Take your time.

After checking all these steps, and when we are satisfied, you are good to go to the next steps.

7. Publish Your Website.

Congratulations, now you can publish your website safely. Sometimes your website can take a day or two to get published officially on the internet. Please always check the list to ensure you catch everything; keep learning, and hire someone if needed.

Q & A

Can I buy free Domain?

The answer is yes. Some service providers give you a domain free for the first year if you buy service from them.

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