Important knowledge to know before you Buy Domain.

What IS domain, and How TO BUT A DOMAIN NAME

 Learn About Domain and Domain Name

Buying a domain name is the first step for anyone who wants to build a website. But this is a challenge, especially for a beginner, because it raises many questions like where to start. Where to buy the domain name? and from what company?

What you learn here about the domain:


  • What is the domain name?
  1. Where to get a domain name?
  2. What Is Domain Privacy?
  3. What Is Domain SSL?
  4. How Much Does a Domain Cost?
  • What Is Domain?
  1. The Right Domain Name for The Right Site.
  2. The Shorter Is Better.
  3. Stay Away from This Type of Domain.
  4. The More, The Merrier.
  5. Symbols In Your Domain Name.
  • What Is Next?
What is Domain? | how To Buy Domain? | Domain strategy | What is the best domain | Where to start to buy domain.

What is the Domain Name?

The domain name is the name of your internet address. A domain name helps you to identify a specific website on the internet. The best example of a domain name is a big city, and each house or store has its own address, and this is the way you can find them, so the domain name does the same thing in the world of the internet.

If you type into your browser, you’ll be directed to the website associated with the domain name.

Some examples of domain names: (search engine by video) (government website)  (Encyclopedia Website)  (News Website)

1. Where to Buy a Domain Name?

The domain name helps people find you on the internet. But you might notice in the example we have too many types of domains, which raises more questions about where to get a domain name and what kind of domain name I should get.

The domain name isn’t free, and you should buy it a minimum yearly; some companies sell domains with benefits. And choosing the right word and companies is challenging. Some companies provide a domain name at a low price if you buy it from them. They are beginner-friendly, and the price is typical to start. It’s called the Hostinger.

They have been around this job long enough and are a very experienced company. What I like about the Namecheap company is that it is very beginner-friendly; what do you mean, the Hostingeris very beginner-friendly? I mean, the tool and panel of the control are straightforward to understand.

The other benefit of working with Hostinger is they work with the most prominent company, WordPress, for making websites, and they give you domain privacy forever free, which is fantastic.

2. What is Domain privacy?

Domain privacy usually costs you when you buy from another company, and domain privacy protects your personal information to avoid getting scammed by other people.

3. What Is Domain SSL?

SSL means secure sockets layer. The SSL is the digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity, and your connection to that website is secure and encrypted, which is good for your website’s SEO.

Let’s make it easier. An SSL certificate gives your website a URL with HTTPS instead of HTTP. An SSL certificate gives your website a URL with HTTPS instead of HTTP. An SSL certificate gives your website a URL with HTTPS instead of HTTP. In short, SSL keeps your internet connections secure and prevents criminals from reading; make sure everything transferred between the two systems stays private and secure.

What is SSL - how is it work - how to make your you have SSL
SSL – secure socket layer

What information gets protected by SSL?

It can be any information; the most important details are bank transactions, email, accounts, birthday, or tax id.

How can my website get attacked without SSL?

Well, many things can happen to your website, but the most comment is MITM which stands for Man-In-The-Middle. The MITM attack occurs when cybercriminals intercept the data transmitted between users on your server.

4. How Much Does a Domain Cost?

Namecheap company price. Well, it depends on what domain host you need because there are different domain hosts on the internet, starting from personal to prominent business domain hosts. And many host domain companies have different prices for practical reasons. You can check the Namecheap company price to know the cost and differences based on your need.

What Is the Domain?

The next thing we need to understand is the extension of the domains. There are 5 steps you should do before choosing your website name and the type of domain you want. I am making it as simple as possible to make your journey easier.

1. The Right Domain Name for the Right Site.

The next step is when you want the extension of a domain name you want to buy. What I mean is there are many different domain types on the internet. Some examples are:

.com          .net          .org          .edu          .gov          .io

There are other types of domains that might confuse you initially, but this article is here to make everything simple as possible and give you some information to choose the right domain type.

Each type of site you want domain hosting for may serve a different market; that’s why we must ensure the extension you use is the right one for your brand or market. If you want to open a business brand, get domain hosting for .com.

If you are a non-profit organization, I suggest you choose .org. If you are building a personal website and are not on a budget, I suggest you choose .us (or some other extensions local type in your country). 
People often first forget the extension, and when they’re in doubt com’s, they type in: .biz should only be when you’ve entirely attached to a domain hosting name, and variant isn’t available. But our best suggestion for that scenario is to vary the domain hosting name and get a .com extension. When in doubt, however, go for .com.

2. The Shorter Is Better.

When picking domain hosting names for your website, People must remember your website name to visit it. Only some people worldwide will get to your website by clicking on it, ads, or search engines. Word of mouth is the other tactic that increases your website’s traffic when your domain hosting site’s short and memorable.
In marketing, this is the most common mistake when people make fewer spelling mistakes and typos when typing in your URL directly. So, using the correct name and being easy to remember will help you grow faster.

Some examples we know, and we can remember them easily even when we meet them for the first time. Here is the list:

These companies have short, and you can easily remember their name, which is one of the reasons they grow; people can remember and even suggest them to others.

The difference between real-world marketing and digital marketing is everything is digital. Think of the companies you can remember in your head, and ask yourself why.

  • What is an exciting thing about their name?
  • Why is it in your head when you remember their name?

The human brain can remember short and easy stuff and needs practice remembering long-till names. So, businesses use this strategy to grow their businesses and stay in human brains for long-term strategy.

3. Stay away from this type of domain.

Big companies with trademarked names seem like tempting targets for domain hosting names that generate loads of free traffic. You could even sell the domain hosting name back to them. However, you’ll just get sued. And always remember they have better lawyers than you. Some people sell used domains; I mean domains with history. There is another problem with this kind of domain. We don’t know what kind of history they had before us on the internet.

Never use a used domain for Youeasons:

  1. you don’t know the history of that domain
  2. It is a waste of money and a waste of time.
  3. Start your own journey and no other people.

4. The More, The Merrier

Admittedly this catchy tagline needs to be more accurate. Considering registering a group of domain hosting names to cover yourself for the inevitably of interested visitors typing in the wrong URL is an excellent idea.

Try to get the .com variant of your domain hosting name or a variant with hyphens as well as the one without (always go for without hyphens first).

But only buy what you can afford or more than you need. Once you own the domain hosting names, whatever they are and whatever number, you still have to get people to visit them.

5. Symbols In your Domain Name

You can use neither symbols nor spaces in your domain hosting name, And URLs are not case-sensitive. So don’t waste your time.

Have you ever heard that if you have an idea, then at least someone else has or had the same idea? Well, that’s certainly the case with domain hosting names. That’s why finding a name is sometimes challenging.

What Is Next?

The next move is the knowledge you got from here. Now you should start to think and decide what you want to do and what is the best plan for you; choose your plan and start making a website; I know you want to say how can I make a website, we are done, yet here, this is our next step, I help you to how to make a great website that follows standards and help you to grow on the internet.

Click on the link below for the next step:

How to make a website

Let’s go to the next page, then.

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