How to Create Social Media Strategy? (Step By Step Learning)

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Create Social Media Strategy

How to create a social media strategy?  Social media Marketing (SMM) has become a must-have for businesses on the internet because they can grow and increase their traffic with social media. But creating a profile and posting randomly without a good strategy won’t help, and you even just waste your time on social media. That’s why you need a social media strategy. 

Follow these steps to learn how to create a social media strategy:

  1. Identify your audience
  2. Define Your Market Goals.
  3. Use The Right Social Media Platform
  4. Generate leads and grow conversations.
  5. Analytics And Reporting
  6. Post Relevant Content


1. Identify Your Audience

I’m going to start with an example; when you want to go fishing, you can get all the fish in the sea, find the best spot, and then start fishing. It is the same thing in social media marketing. Some businesses make a big mistake initially; they want to reach everyone, but you can’t swim the whole ocean. You must understand your audience and organize them; that will help you to send the right message to the right people and get more results in your marketing goals. Sometimes less means more.

How to find your target audience:

Use analytics: all of the platforms, like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and others, have built-in analytics that can tell you so many things about your followers, and that information is gold because each of them tells you when they are online and when they post.

Questions are the key heart of your social media strategy. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • What do they interest?
  • Where is your audience location?
  • What is their age? 
Learn from Competition: your competitors are the best place you can learn from because they have more experience and have made many mistakes. They are great at it, so learn from them to avoid those mistakes and even improve. 
Essential to read (Avoid copying any content or anything from others) 

Please understand learning from others and copying from others is different, so avoid copying from others but learn from them.

Social media tools: some companies provide excellent means to make everything easier. You can use free tools from google analytics or the future; if you want to target more people and get more details, you should start thinking about using other social media tools to reach more people, or you can hire someone to do that for you.


2. Define Your Market Goals.

A Great goal strategy will help you meet your goal; creating is very important. You can’t just start posting content on social media without reason.

How to create social media marketing goal:

Clear: To measure and meet goals, it is essential to be clear precisely; you must know what you hope to meet and achieve. Get your team on board as you work collectively toward the goal. It can help you to increase your engagement or followers.
Relevant: Social media marketing goals should lead you to your business objectives. 
Measure: measuring your progress is essential to set a practical goal because it can help you prioritize tasks and estimate the amount of time it may take to complete each task. Measuring your progress can also help you identify how to adjust your plan of action, which means helping to speed up your progression.
Achievable: If you set a goal without any reason, you make a significant risk for your business plan and employees. as you select a clear purpose and measurable goals. Make sure you adjust it too.
Track: Every goal should have a time limit to track; instead of making a goal for the near future, you might not even be close yet; choose a more intimate destination. Set a specific cadence to check and ensure you stay on track.

3. Use the Right Social Media Platform

There are many social media platforms, and you have an idea, but you might not know which platform fits you and which is more effective for your business; these are all essential things you should know before starting.

How to find your social media platforms:

  • Where is your audience?
  • What platform do your competitors use?
  • What do your metrics tell you?

By answering the top questions, you get knowledge about your goals and which platform suits you. Learning each platform’s tools and goals help us to make the right choice. So we go through each platform, and you can decide which is a good fit for you. 

Here is the list of all platforms with expiation:

Facebook is the most comprehensive social media platform based on reporting Statista, the best tool for B2C businesses, bringing more organic opportunities to your business. I will give a small example of what you should think about Facebook. If your business is targeting people over 50 years old, you can find them here. 
Second-biggest website, the best place for most extended video marketing, video is focusing on video only, short and long videos. The best platform to build community. 
This platform is where all the brands go, the best platform for e-commerce, and a great tool to share and grow your media. Instagram defiantly is a place you should think of if you have a business website or e-commerce website.
This platform allows you to share your work resume, connect with the company, or seek new opportunities, even for businesses. 
Pinterest is a platform where people get more ideas or inspiration, but that was how it started. I love Pinterest because Pinterest can boost your exposure to new customers. Pinterest immensely cares about activity and quality, and you can grow fast. It is a way brands can build themself and get discovered more quickly.
Twitter, except other platforms, is more focused on words and allows you to have real-time conversations, a good place for news updates or alerts.
TikTok is only focusing on short videos, I mean concise videos. This platform is growing so fast and found itself in place so quickly. This platform is the best place for marketing after YouTube. It’s suitable for branding marketing but not to grow your brand.
The clubhouse is a platform based on live conversations, sharing exciting things, and getting followers. 
Depending on your business strategy, you need to find which platform works better for your business. You may understand that some of them are a little bit simpler, but depending on the social tools you need, you should know which one is better to work for you.


4. Generate leads and grow conversations.

Sharing your product or service on social media or promoting is an easy way to improve lead generation, boost conversions, and increase sales. You are advertising to people who engage with you by following your brand.

How to generate more leads:

Make contests for your visitors and followers to participate in on your social media profiles.
Share links to your website and show them your offer so they can be inspired to visit it.
Live videos will help strengthen the connection and engagement between you and your followers; you can update them with company announcements about products or exciting news about your brand.
Make a story on your platform about your products, and you can share a link from the story to your website; on some platforms like Instagram, they can buy your product without leaving the venue, so use those tools.


5. Analytics and Reporting

Each social media platform has its own tool for analysis and is beneficial for analyzing and measuring results. Analytics is essential to learn and use for your company. It is an excellent idea to continuously measure performance.
Ask questions like:
  • From what post is the company getting more engagement?
  • Where do I get more followers from?
  • Which post gets the result I want?
Every brand’s marketing success depends on the data and analytic outputs. Your team can use that information to make more informed decisions on future campaigns and take advantage of what works and doesn’t; those data are gold.
I mentioned before that each platform has its own analytics, but those are basic tools. Other tools on the internet can help you collect more data for many places and locations.
You should learn metrics to identify which are more essential to your marketing goals. 

Here are the most common metrics:

  • Reach
  • Click
  • Engagement
  • Impressions
  • click-through- rate
  • Mentions
  • Video views
If you do it correctly, a social marketing strategy can be effective in the long term.

6. Post Relevant Content

Now you know what platform you need to use for your brand, but the next step is how to keep your account active.
Social media platforms change their algorithms over time, but posting rules hold true. You need to show the algorithms that your posts are worth so that they can give you more rank.
Check your competitors and what time they post, and try to learn what time you get more engagement posts. Check to find your time and keep posting that time. 
Focusing on consistent, relevant content shows the algorithms that your post is valuable and worthy enough to show up in newsfeeds. 

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